Friday, July 11, 2014


I recently became of aware of this case, which I find quite disturbing.........

Excerpt....Please read FULL article~~~"Multiple psychologists, who interviewed Ethan believed his story, but there was never anything to corroborate it"

"Brooks said the defense team, attorneys John T. Milburn Rogers and Herb Moncier, “put on a litany of witnesses who knew Roger’s deceased wife. They told about times he was hateful and domineering toward his wife.”        He said psychologists who evaluated Ethan Self testified the young man told them that his mother took the abuse when she was alive, but after her death, his father re-directed it toward him.        “Multiple psychologists who interviewed Ethan believed his story, but there was never anything to corroborate it,” Brooks said."
There are many sites on the net in reference to "violence in police families."  NO one knows what goes on "behind closed doors". With the statements made by "multiple psychologists" believed Ethan story, yet there was never anything to "corroborate it", then just how much investigation was really  done, in reference to Ethan's claims of "abuse" from his father??  There must be "more" to this case that has NOT been uncovered YET, IMO.   Just how can a child "prove" his home life with ("possible") abusive parent/s???

A case similiar to Ethan's, is of Jacob Ind in Colorado, for years Jacob suffered physical and sexual abuse, no one believed him either......     No one ever knew what Jacob was suffering thru.
"Before long Johnson finds herself neck-deep in a case riddled with accusations of alcoholism, a marriage made in hell, and physical and sexual abuse. The more Jacobs talks, the more fantastic his story becomes with sordid details of sexual abuse by both parents, as well as verbal and physical abuse."
Just what "chances" does a child have, in the system, when no one believes them???
I am a survivor of horrific/barbaric physical and mental abuse all the years as a child, NO one ever knew what draconian ABUSE, we were forced to endure, we were literally petrified/did not dare tell a soul, living daily in constant FEAR!!

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