Monday, September 1, 2014


Krista- age 28-2014

Krista- age 15-2002
FOR PUBLIC AWARENESS,   Krista McDaniel is just ONE of many "juveniles" caught up in an UNJUST system.

There are a number of postings in reference to Krista McDaniel, please follow this link to bring up all the posts I have placed here about her case.  One can also "google" her name.

Have followed her case from the time of her detention to the present days. She has grown in many ways, "growing" up in a prison, facing 30 yrs with NO chance of parole. Post conviction relief request DENIED. Clemency request DENIED.  Am still seeking a "pro bono" lawyer to look at the court transcripts of this case. Such a gross INJUSTCE for this child, giving NO "chance", mistakes made as a "child."  The sentence is barbaric, with No compassion, NO mercy, NO credit for the 12 years already served, facing 18 more years with NO parole, for a crime itself, SHE DID NOT COMMIT. True, unfortunately she was with those ADULTS, who DID this crime!! My question is why a conspiracy, murder and armed robbery charge??? How does the prosecutor "prove" conspiracy?? Was there a GSR performed on her clothes and hands??   S.C law says the "hand of one is the hand of all." The background of this child, was not a stable enviornment, but she did NOT get to where she is today, ALL BY HERSELF.  I strongly urge the reading of all the posts located at the above URL link.

Anyone interested in JUSTICE, for this child,  please contact
SUBJECT LINE...... "Krista McDaniel"


KLG71 said...

I have written Krista several times and I have moved. I would like to know how she has been? Would also like to start writing here again?

Knightgale said...

Please contact knightgale @ Please tell me something about you, I do not give out address/publish due to a problem in the past. Feel free to email me at above address,

Thank you, Knight