Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Excerpt......PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, "very" informative, what inmates face upon "release"

"By Ben Notterman
Video of Henry McCollum's release shows the exonerated death row inmate making his way through a crowd of excited onlookers and into his family's car, where he could not figure out how to fasten his seatbelt. In his defense, many states did not begin mandating the use of seatbelts until well into the 1990s, by which time McCollum had already spent a decade in prison. Like most of the 650,000 inmates released from prison each year, McCollum brings no vocational skills or educational background into a world that must appear to him a strange and distant future, thrust on an unsuspecting present. From this perspective, the severity of punishment is never greater than at the time of release."
Some children as young as 8 are in detention centers until their 21st birthday, some are then sent on to an adult prison to finish out their sentence handed down by the judge in their case. WITHOUT any vocational  or educational skills upon release, they will be just as dependent upon release, as they were when they were first detained.  Indeed this leads to a road to nowhere.

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