Friday, March 6, 2015


A very "informative" article, urge all readers to please read FULL article, share with others  in your world.

Children "do" deserve a "chance", to become "productive" members of society, NOT throw away to die in prison, for "mistakes" made as a child. Many in prison today, did NOT murder, rape or rob anyone, or cause "harm" to anyone, unfortunately were with the "wrong" people, at the "wrong" time and place. Children are easily influenced by others, often leading them down the "wrong" path. Many seeking love and attention, coming from a very dyfunctional home setting. Far too many in prison have been abandoned by officials, family and friends, feeling doomed with NO hope. These actions must be dealth with, and treat children as they really ARE, a child, NOT an "adult", IMO
My personal thanks to the author, posted for public awareness & in the interest of "justice", copyrights acknowledged, NO infringement intended.

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