Wednesday, March 9, 2016



Krista’s patience is thin, her hopes are slipping away, but she will never give up for she states  “JUSTICE IS MINE”

In all my reading and extensive research of this case against Krista McDaniel for the past 14 years….It is NOT amazing at all, but indeed “appauling”, that Krista was assigned to 2 lawyers.  ONE-1ST assigned lawyer was involved in some type of drug crime, and was disbarred.  Krista lingered in the Charleston, SC jail for approx. 9 months without “legal representation”  Authorities kept Krista in this jail until she turned 18 yrs of age, she then was ordered before a judge, for sentencing to 30 yrs with NO chance of parole(Nov 2004) Crime she was accused of(Nov 2002)Just 3 months after she turned age 16.       2nd assigned lawyer did nothing for Krista’s defense, only to approach her again, with a plea deal. What choice did she have really??    She was facing the death penalty or 30 yrs w/no chance of parole.   To my knowledge, neither lawyer ever questioned the fact that Krista was interrogated  x 2   without the presence of an attorney. Never mentioned anywhere, at any time. 

We both continue to search for “justice”, tho thousands of letters have already fell upon the deaf, dumb and blind in reference to the “atrocities” bestowed upon this child.

Anyone interested in her support or writing to Krista, please contact

PLEASE NOTE….GTL email services system is set up at the facility, if anyone is interesting in emailing Krista…One can set up an account, would need Krista’s ID no. Contact me if help is needed to get started. 

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